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Hatch Hacks – iPhone Hacks

Cell phones have been a normality in our society for years now and we are always looking for new tricks to make our lives a little easier to be as …

Bold Bi-Level

This bi-level in South Moorhead is truly one of a kind! Just walking up the drive, notice the uniqueexterior – featuring a 3-stall garage, all on a large corner lot. …

Real Estate Radio with Erik Hatch: Picks of the Week 8.2.2020

Real Estate Radio with Erik Hatch: Chaz Bombenger Interview 8.2.2020

Hatch Hacks – Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinets can sometimes be the most expensive element in your kitchen, so careful consideration is necessary before purchasing. Design, style, and color are brought into heavy discussion when choosing the …

Real Estate Radio with Erik Hatch: Sara Watson Curry Interview: 7.19.20

Real Estate Radio with Erik Hatch: Picks of the Week: 7.19.20

Hatch Hacks – Household Hacks and Tips

Your home always has the opportunity and potential to increase its value. There are many tips and plans to invest your time and money into, to give your home a …

Hatch Hacks – Grilling Hacks

Summer is in full swing, which means fresh air, sunlight, and bonding time with our favorite home appliance, the grill. Before you get started, use these simple grilling hacks to …