Brittany was born and raised north of the border in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She moved to Fargo in 2015 for love, after dating her dream guy long distance for two years before the big move. She has a degree in Business and was pursuing her CPA designation before deciding it was no longer one of her passions. She has spent the last ten years of her career in nonprofit management, with the goal to help create meaningful opportunities for youth.

To Brittany, her family is everything. She has two older brothers. Brittany’s parents have been married for over 40 years and are the two people she enjoys spending time with the most. She is also very blessed to be close with her boyfriend’s family, they truly helped make Fargo feel like home.

Brittany is the proudest dog mom to her rescue husky Louis. In her free time, she enjoys playing with Louis and taking him on adventures. Any free weekends are usually spent travelling to Winnipeg, Brittany’s boyfriend’s family farm an hour south of Fargo, or to the cities to spend time with loved ones. Brittany also love to fish. Her childhood was filled with many fishing and camping trips and to this day it is still her favorite thing to do.

“I am fueled by serving others and valuing every personal connection I experience. I want to leave a place or a person better than I found them, even if that is something as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face. I want to be able to use my consistent curiosity and put that to work to benefit other people’s lives.”