Selling up to 3 Homes with No Listing Commissions

Helping our community is central to Hatch Realty’s passions. We are fortunate to live in such a great community and feel it is our duty to give back on a high level. Our company gives back over 20% of their profits annually to support our favorite charities and people in need.

The COVID-19 situation has created a lot of personal and economic uncertainty. Many of us are making sacrifices for our families and loved ones, and some are faced with very difficult decisions. To continue to help do our part, Hatch Realty will charge no listing commissions for up to 3 people who need to sell their home because they have lost their job, business, or have become extremely ill. Fees for any broker who brings the buyer will still be required to be paid by the seller (3% of the sales price).

All submissions need to be completed no later than 8/20/2020 . Each will be reviewed in great detail and will be notified of their standing no later than 8/31/2020.


-Due to the potential for high demand in this program and the need to be comfortable with each situation, Hatch Realty reserves the right to select who is eligible based on the sole subjective judgment of Hatch Realty.

-Hatch Realty does not provide any guarantee regarding the ability to sell, timing of sale, pricing, or market suitability for any individual’s home that might be chosen for inclusion in this program.
-Hatch Realty reserves the right to determine from time-to-time, in its sole discretion, the methods and plans for attempting to sell any home approved for inclusion in this program.
-Hatch Realty may recommend that any individuals chosen as part of this program engage in some improvements, cleaning, repairs, remodeling, home staging, or other changes that might enhance the likelihood of selling the applicable home. Any individuals chosen as part of this program shall be under no obligation to perform any of these recommendations and Hatch Realty shall not be required to provide any funds related to such recommendations.
  •  This program does not apply to current listings of Hatch Realty and is only available to people that contact us through the Google Form above or via email with the subject – ‘COVID Help.’
  • Hatch Realty and any individuals chosen for inclusion in this program shall also be required to enter into an “Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Contract” in order to further confirm the rights and responsibilities of Hatch Realty and the applicable individual(s) included in this program.

-Hatch Realty reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate this program at any time without notice.