Hatch Hacks – Characterizing Your Room

by | Aug 26, 2020

Have you ever struggled to put a room together? Have you ever wanted to design a room into your ‘perfect’ room? I know I have and so have many others. It is not easy to build a design. Whether the design is for a room, magazine, advertisement, etc. it is just simply not something easy to do. There are a few strategies and tips for designing a room to make the process more enjoyable and easy-going.

The first tip is to set the mood with color. The colors of your furniture and walls will affect how you and your guests will feel. The colors in a room can be energizing when used correctly. Depending on how intense they are with their warmth or their coolness. Yellow is to be characterized as a happy color while blue is a more sad and gloomy color.

One more way to dazzle a room is to create a focal point. Your focal point is the anchor to a room. For example, a fireplace is a natural focal point that symbolizes hearth and comfort. Everything in the room floods or points to that focal point. Your focal point is what decides the character of your room.

Follow up on a few ways to create a focus in your home and also read up on some items that may be useful to create a focal point with the link provided below. Next week we will discuss some paint options that might be helpful for those wanting rooms characterized by how they feel and the vibe they want the room to express.