Hatch Hacks – Hosting Gameday

by | Sep 23, 2020

We are now into the early reigns of the football season and have been jumpstarted with tons of gameday viewing parties. This season, take the opportunity to host some friends and family at the comfort of your own home – your very own home field advantage. Takes some of our advice as we try to march this party downfield to the endzone for a score!

First things first, in order for the ultimate winning mentality, we need our bodies fully replenished with an abundance of food. Not everyone has the same taste as others, so it is hard to align the taste preferences to fit the needs for everyone. However, some classic football foods that never can go wrong include wings, nachos, and pizza. Be sure to also include some healthy options such as a fruit platter and possibly some salad options.

Depending on the size of your home and the number of guests expected to have over, it is important that comfortable seating is accounted for and your guests have the option to sit if they would like. Comfortable seating could make or break a gameday party.

For the last tip of advice for your perfect gameday experience is to have fun with it and get creative. Begin with some decorations and coordinate the majority of the favorite teams’ colors as well. You could even align the food table to resemble the football field and having the entrees as the endzones and the ends of the table. 

There are many more ways to get creative when hosting parties and we would love to hear what some of your favorite activities and set ups are. We hope you enjoy cheering on your team this season!

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