Hatch Hacks – Kitchen Cabinetry

by | Jul 29, 2020

Cabinets can sometimes be the most expensive element in your kitchen, so careful consideration is necessary before purchasing. Design, style, and color are brought into heavy discussion when choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen.

Urban Style

There are many designs and styles that come with variances of colors that can go with many different themes. We will go through some very common, yet exquisite styles that you just might find interesting. Cabinet styles such as urban style, sleek transitional, and retro contemporary are just a few common and popular themes in the modern era as well as in the FM area.

The urban style infuses a traditional 1900’s look with a clean-lined modern style. Flat-front cabinets drive the contemporary scheme, while the oak construction and wood grain texture compliment the woodwork of the neighboring rooms. This look can also be mastered when dark-stained finishes as well as with stainless steel drawers to add the industrial feel.

Sleek Traditional

The sleek transitional style gets the best of both the traditional and contemporary look. Typically, recessed panels inside flat-face frames showcase the two styles and their characteristics. Cherry white cabinets that, depending on the backsplash, can provide a vintage feel and when partnered with stainless steel drawers it gives your kitchen a contemporary feel.

Retro Contemporary

As shown in the following picture, the retro contemporary cabinetry are frames inspired by a 1950s style in respect to its blended-era style of the home. The white oak cabinets finished with a warm ebony stain bring cozy texture in a timeless statement. Its sleek chrome hardware and sandblasted glass doors add an updated contemporary effect. When performed professionally, this style can really ramp up the value of a home.

As I’ve said before, there are hundreds and even thousands of different variances of themes and styles that can be paired up in search of your perfect kitchen cabinetry. Other styles such as clean and contemporary, classic white, modern cottage, and a touch of Italy are a few others that can be modernized and paired with several wood finishes to fit any kitchen.