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by | Jul 1, 2020

When choosing your kitchen countertop, you must question and weigh the pros and cons of your desired choice and then ask yourself if it works. In terms of cost and in their impact on the aesthetics and practical function of your kitchen, your decision could be that much more challenging, but we are here to help. A well-chosen countertop makes your kitchen more useful and easier to maintain, and it can also serve as an important design element of your kitchen. A couple of popular choices are the granite and quartz as those are traditional surfaces, but a couple of the more unique choices include soapstone and zinc.


Granite is among one of the more popular choices of natural stone for countertops. Granite tops are fabricated to specification and installed by professional crews. Benefits that come with granite is its heavy and durable material. There are no two pieces of granite that are alike, making each granite countertop entirely unique. A couple of downfalls of granite is that it is not the cheapest of prices and like many other types of natural stone, granite requires periodic sealing in order to protect it from stains.


Quartz is an engineered stone product composed of pulverized waste rock plus resins for hardness and binding. Many of the quartz counters have antibacterial agents added. Some benefits of quartz include their beautiful crystals, an increased value of the home and they are more durable than most and less susceptible to scratching. Its setbacks include its size and heaviness, its cost, and the need for professional installers to insert the countertops. All in all, quartz offers the best of both worlds with the beauty of natural stone and the flexibility of solid-surface material.

One of the more unusual countertop surfaces is zinc.  Formed by applying zinc sheets over a base core material, found often in bars and other commercial settings, zinc kitchen countertops are a rare, but fascinating sight. Its benefits include its durability and lifetime it achieves. All scratches are able to be sanded out as well. However, zinc is softer than stainless steel and requires custom and expensive fabrication.


Although not as well-known as granite or marble, soapstone has been used for countertops for many years. Soapstone contains a warm, milky appearance that allows it to complement other designs without overwhelming them. Its benefits include an antique look, a conversation piece, and has less porous than other stone, resisting stains and fairly easy to clean. Its cons include its price, limited color options, and should be oiled periodically to maintain its patina.

Other fantastic options include laminate, ceramic, marble, etc. Follow up on these and more by using the link provided.


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