Hatch Hacks – Lake Games/Activities

by | Jul 7, 2020

The lakes are a special place for special times. Rarely, do you ever get bored while at the lakes, but here are a few games and activities to keep in mind if you ever find yourself looking for something new and exciting.

Spike Ball

These activities are for all ages and can fuel energy and fun no matter your age. A couple of our favorites are spike ball and cornhole. Spike ball is a relatively new game that brings out the competition in everyone and can be very intense with the right members. Spike ball is played with four people on teams of two and can be played to either 21 or 11. Each team gets three hits to return the opposing teams serve onto a circular net and yes, there is a lot of movement. Cornhole is your classic yard game and always suitable for the lakes. Another easy to access game is ladder golf. More relaxing of the two, but also can be just as fun.

Let’s say you got a bunch of the family out for the weekend and you want everyone to be involved and participating in the fun. Look no further than minute to win it games. Even if you have never watched the show, you can still use these creative and fabulous fun games. They are simple and can be played in teams or individually. Simple games like “defying gravity”, where an individual attempts to keep a balloon in the air using only hand for one whole minute without resting the balloon on a body part. These games can get really unique if you use your entire yard to its full potential.  

If you have younger children who may struggle to partake in some of the activities listed above, simply put on a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt will allow them to use their imagination and give them a chance to run around the yard in attempt to tucker them out for nap later on so that you may enjoy a relaxing evening on the patio or the dock. Pinterest is a great source for your scavenger hunt ideas.

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