Hatch Hacks – Organizing Your Life

by | Aug 12, 2020

Staying organized is not something you are born with; it is something you develop. Even if you are disorganized, you can always become organized. From planning things, ditching unnecessary things, or writing things down, you may become organized by learning and practice.

There are many ways to learn and start with, here are a few tips; make schedules and deadlines, give everything a home, and keep only what you need. To be organized means you do not waste time. You must be able to recognize that keeping things organized goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. Keep a schedule or calendar on your wall, in your phone, or laptop and always be updating it frequently. Living a cluttered lifestyle will not give you the time or space to make deadlines or achieve your goals.

The second tip is to give everything a home. This means to designate a special spot for specific items that belong in easy to find places. It is easy to get lost if you do not keep your things in proper places. For example, use a key hook for your keys, lanyards, and/or hats.

In regard to keeping only what you need, get rid of the useless things that do not have a meaning or home needed for them. Having fewer things also means that you enjoy those things more and feel better about using those items. One cardinal rule that is commonly used is the saying “having less is more”, simply meaning it portrays a greater area of space to work with without having a cluttered mess to work around.

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