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by | Jun 24, 2020

What better way to spend your afternoon under the sun and on a fresh pitch of grass than at the golf course. The Fargo-Moorhead area has many courses to offer with a variety of terrains and obstacles. This blog will inform you on the courses in Fargo, Moorhead, and the small-town courses that surround the two cities. Hopefully, this will have an impact on where you play your next round this season!

Rose Creek, Fargo, ND

The city of Fargo has five main courses that can all be paired with each other by purchasing the “5 FORE 1” season pass. These courses include Osgood, Rose Creek, Prairiewood, Edgewood, and El Zagal. Osgood, Prairiewood, and El Zagal are all 9-hole courses as opposed to Rose Creek and Edgewood which are 18-hole courses. Edgewood and Rose Creek are similar in difficulty since they both play along the water and have many obstacles to avoid and get around. However, if you are looking to practice your short game, give El Zagal a test as it is a short 9-hole, Par-3 only course, and can be played with just your irons and a putter.

Village Green, Moorhead, MN

Moorhead may only have two courses to offer, outside of its country club, but these two courses are not to be slept on. Village Green and The Meadows are two courses that are unique in their own ways but are both kept up to good conditions. The Meadows is what you would call a “links” course, meaning, in golf terms, a vast open parkland with little to no trees. However, with no trees could mean strong winds and many sand traps. Opposite of that is Village Green, which is a gorgeous 18-hole with many trees and water that are to be avoided but add that wonderful nature and organic presence to the game.

Despite the wonderful courses that the FM area provides its residents with, there are a few other hidden gems that should not be overlooked. Just a few miles east of Dilworth/Moorhead is Hawley’s golf course. Hawley’s course was built in 1923 but has gotten better with age. This 18-hole course has a rating of 68.6 which is ranked just above average in comparison to other courses around the nation. Another fantastic course that can be found outside of the city is just roughly 8 miles west of Fargo that is located in Mapleton, the Maple River Golf Course. Built in 1965 along the Maple River is this challenging 18-hole course that really tests your precision. With many trees and water to be avoided, this course has earned a name for itself.

Whether you consider yourself a good golfer or someone who would rather drive the cart around, we challenge you to try out all courses in the area and let us know which one your favorite is! REMEMBER, GOLF IS NOT EASY. If it were easy, everyone would do it! Curious about a course rating? Click on the link provided to discover its details.


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