Hatch Realty Ranked #28 in the Nation for Social Media Presence

by | Jul 31, 2018

Hatch Realty celebrated a ranking this week of being number 28 in the country for a brokerage’s presence on social media.

The rankings, published by PropertySpark.com, are based on a diverse set of criteria used to evaluate brokerages nationwide.

In the rankings, PropertySpark.com “Looked at hundreds of popular real estate brokerages across North America” and evaluated their social media activity based on objective and subjective data. The objective data considered within the ranking includes the number of likes and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the number of likes, comments, reactions, shares and video views across those same platforms. The subjective variables considered include quality of graphic design, pictures and videos, the value of the content and the variety of content shared on those platforms.

“It is rewarding to see our name on this list amongst national brokerages with tens of thousands of agents and social media teams far larger than ours,” says Angie Nelson, Associate Broker at Hatch Realty. “As a brokerage with less than 40 people, it is encouraging to know we are on par with the other companies on this list especially considering some of these brokerages have 170,000+ team members.”

For each brokerage on the list, PropertySpark.com gave insight as to what aspects of their social media were most noticed. For Hatch Realty, one of those aspects was the “146 five-star ratings out of 149 total reviews.”

“We love using social media to share what we’re doing and we are fortunate to have a highly supportive community to engage with on our various platforms,” says Erik Hatch, owner of Hatch Realty.  “The best thing about this is the majority of what we are posting and sharing isn’t even advertising listings. It’s celebrating our community and the cool things happening here.”

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