Jim Rentfrow grew up in Roseau, Minnesota and moved to Fargo in 1999 to attend North Dakota State University, where he pursued a degree in Business. Since graduation he has earned also an MBA and a Graduate Gemologist degree.

After completing these degrees, Jim  worked for US AID in Afghanistan in 2011-2012. During his time in Afghanistan, Jim discovered his passion for helping others accomplish their dreams.  After returning to the United States, Jim began looking for a career in which he could serve others, serve his community and help his family succeed.

In 2013, Jim began a home search with the Erik Hatch Team.  During his home buying process, Jim started to wonder if Real Estate was the career change he was looking for. In July of 2014, Jim joined the Erik Hatch Team and stepped right into the role of Internal Sales Agent. Jim found the perfect fit here at Hatch Realty. Jim enjoys being the first point of contact for many of Hatch Realty’s clients, and loves learning about the dreams his clients have for their home.

As Jim says, “For me, the most gratifying part of any job I have had is when I have helped people. Whether it was helping teach teammates a new skill, or helping gem cutters in Kabul earn more money so they can afford firewood for winter, truly helping people always is more important than a paycheck or a pat on the back.”

He lives in Fargo with his amazing wife Ainsley, who is an elementary music teacher. Jim is the uncle to 12 nieces and nephews! Jim and Ainsley’s believe in putting family first, and Jim is thankful for a job that allows him to do just that.

When Jim isn’t assisting clients, you will find him hanging out with friends, fishing, boating, volunteering for charities that he supports, and going to the movies. Jim also enjoys cutting gemstones in his spare time and working with gold and silver.