Kelsi grew up on a farm in Fullerton, ND, and went to High School in Ellendale, ND as her small hometown no longer has a school of its own. After graduation, she attended UND for two years and then transferred to MSUM in Moorhead where she graduated with a degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Leadership Studies.

Kelsi is the youngest of four siblings. Her sister is a lawyer in Denver, CO, her oldest brother farms with their father on the family farm, and her other brother works for Precision Ag here in Fargo. Kelsi’s mom is a substitute teacher.

In her free time, Kelsi enjoys spending time with her husband, Blain, and dog Halle. She also likes shopping and spending time with family, especially her nephews and niece.

“My why in life is to make a difference in the community by doing good. I love seeing the impact a good deed can make and seeing the ripple effect of doing good for others.”