Aimee Roux

North Dakota born and bred, Aimee Roux has lived her whole life in the Fargo/West Fargo area. Aimee grew up with musical parents who still to this day, a big part of their church, Horace Lutheran. Her mom is the Praise Team Leader and pianist, and her dad is a singer, Aimee’s older brother lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Missy and their two kids Esme and Emmett. Aimee had twins in March of 2020 and loves Mom life!
A little fun insight on Aimee, she played accordion when she was younger.

Before joining the Hatch Team, Aimee worked at A1 automotive for seven years, where she gained knowledge and expertise in her field. She brought her skills to the Hatch Team in April of 2016.

When Aimee isn’t crunching numbers and balancing budgets, she loves to spend time at the lake with family and friends and loves to crochet.

Aimee is driven by a deep desire to help others and to fill both their and my heart. Her kind and generous heart is a gift to everyone on the Hatch Team.