Brian Tjaden

Brian Tjaden

Realtor®• Lakes Area


Brian was born in Topeka, Kansas at the Forbes Air Force Base. When he was four he and his family moved to the Grand Forks Air Force Base where they lived until he was in 9th grade when they moved to Fergus Falls, MN. After high school Brian attended NDSU where he earned Bachelor Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 

After graduating from NDSU he was hired by IBM in Rochester, MN as a Procurement-Quality Engineer. After three years at IBM he was selected to participate in a graduate program and went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, where he earned a Masters Degree in Computers and Systems Engineering, along with an MBA. 

Over the years he has worked for, with or on behalf of many companies in all types of industries and various roles, learning, developing and enhancing all aspects of the supply chain process. These ventures have provided him with great experiences, as well as knocking him down a few times. Life is about persevering.

Brian currently lives in Fergus Falls with his wonderful partner, Danielle Grahn. She keeps him balanced and busy. Danielle has two beautiful granddaughters that he enjoys spending playtime with.

Brian has a son, Isaak, who lives in Minneapolis. He graduated from Gustavus and works as a Logistics Coordinator for CH Robinson. He has a passion for hockey, hiking and climbing.

Brian has a daughter, Millie, who also lives in Minneapolis. She graduated from the U and is still deciding her life’s mission; graduate school is pending. Her passion is camping and rock climbing. 

Brian’s retired parents live in Fergus Falls where he helps take care of them. He wants to make them comfortable and cared for as they progress through life. 

Trekking is Brian’s favorite hobby. It includes walking, hiking, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, or anything else that gets him outdoors enjoying the beauty of Minnesota. It also serves as the primary exercise for his Redbone Coonhound, who cannot get enough trekking or sniffing.

Tinkering (also known as putzing) is another favorite pastime. This is defined as working on things that have no real value or contribution, but keeps you busy enjoying the day. He has a garage full of projects that need to be tinkered on. For example he has created many half finished designs for bird houses, bird feeders, squirrel feeders, etc. Brian believes he has the largest collection of nuts, bolts, screws and assortment of useless hardware stored in peanut butter jars that any sane man has ever amassed, so that one day he will have just the right part for one of his creations.

Brian also  enjoys feeding nature, especially the birds. He feeds the squirrels too, but his mission is to make them work for it. He is thrilled to sight a rare bird at the feeder, or count the number of squirrels in the yard fighting over peanuts. He once counted over 10 squirrels attacking his feeders in the backyard!

Brian says his Why is “to use my experience and knowledge to help others achieve their goal, so that the world and mankind progress to a better place. I have always believed you should leave something better than when you began.”

Brian’s fun fact is that female cardinals will elaborately sing to signal its mate to bring food to the nest. Kind of like a female elaborately flirting with a male to signal it’s time to take her on a date. (Ha Ha)