Cody Pettengill

Cody Pettengill

Videographer • Marketing


Cody moved to Moorhead for Y2K when he was just 7 years old. Early on he made a lot of friends and did not want to leave. After high school Cody attended MSUM for psychology for ONE semester but he was never actually enrolled! He bought a book and showed up every day because psychology is his favorite subject. He says, “Humans are everywhere, get to know them!”. 

Cody is the creative type and he says videos are a way for him to reach people more than anything. Using his creative mind, he taught painting for 5 years and loved helping people uncork their creativity. 

Although Cody’s parents divorced at an early age it made him very independent and very close with his family. His cousin just happens to be his best friend and the funniest person he knows. Cody has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since 2017 and they just added a puppy to their little family (2020)

Cody loves playing DOOM and is excited to play it on the new XBox and Tv so he can play in 4k 120fps. 

Cody says his WHY is “simply that I love people and the psychology that drives us. I always wanted to be an entertainer, but I think there are many ways of reaching people deeply, and video is a fantastic tool for doing so.”

Cody’s tip is Be interestED before being interesting. If you can go out of your way to help people in a competitive environment then it will pay you back in spades of goodwill.