Danielle Olson

Inside Sales Agent Partner


[email protected]

Danielle was born in Devils Lake, N.D., and graduated from Wahpeton High School in N.D. Her father was in the Army and met her mother when he was stationed in Germany. The two tied the knot and moved back to the United States.  

Danielle has three older siblingsRoxy, Josh and Jordan. The family jokes that her parents raised two families because of the age gap between the 2 youngest children and the 2 oldest. As the youngest of the family, Danielle and her oldest sibling are 17 years apart. 

Danielle is a proud aunt of 4 and lives with her cats, Diesel and Lilly. She loves going on walks with friends and stopping along the way for a picnic if the weather allows. She won’t say no to coffee with friends and family or trying new activities that promote being active.

Prior to Hatch Realty, Danielle worked in insurance, but knew it wouldn’t be a long-term passion for her. What attracted her to Hatch was the family-like culture and the team’s drive to help people and make a difference in their lives.

Danielle’s WHY is to continually push to become a better version of herself. She desires to have financial freedom and to be able to both provide for her family and help others. She hopes to one day share the tools and opportunities she’s been presented with to help others achieve their goals.

An interesting fact that Danielle shared is that honey bees produce up to one tablespoon of honey in their lifetime.