Erik Hatch

Erik Hatch

Realtor®/Owner/Associate Broker


Erik Hatch is an entrepreneur, public speaker, Realtor, author, coach, investor, do-gooder, husband, father, and mediocre golfer. Erik has 25 businesses that he owns/operates with the help of some tremendous partners and relationships. In addition, Erik has built 2 non-profit movements that have raised nearly 3 million dollars to help serve kids and families in need.

Fargo, ND has been home to Erik his entire life. It is where he and his wife Emily met -and where they’re raising their 2 kids (Finley and Simon). Erik is an alumnus of North Dakota State University and Fargo North High School. Hatch’s passions are simple –serving others and having fun while doing so.

When Erik was 9 years old, he won a watermelon seed spitting contest at a local grocery store…so you’d be foolish not to trust him in real estate!

Out of college, Erik went to work as a youth minister for nearly a decade. It is here that he really fell in love with cultivating deep relationships and harnessed his passion for inspiring and uplifting anyone he came in contact with.

Erik started Hatch Realty in 2014 with a passion to do things differently than the status quo. He wanted to create a place where the most incredible people wanted to work and all his energy would be put into helping them to reach their dreams. Erik knew that great people would deliver world-class service for all those they could serve.

Competitive. Funny. A risk taker. Compassionate. Energetic. Spirited. Inspiring. Generous. Joyful. Empathetic. These are just a handful of the things Erik strives to be.

Erik serves as CEO and ‘coach’ of Hatch Realty. And he’s a little like Colonel Sanders -he puts his face on everything but isn’t in the kitchen anymore. His energy is best spent leading, casting vision, coaching, marketing, and inspiring.

Erik’s real estate success led to the birth of Hatch Coaching in 2016. With a passion to redefine how people treat people, Erik currently coaches some of the top teams and agents in North America. Erik has been recognized as one of the top 25 real estate coaches in the country.

A servant leader to the core, Erik’s desire is to be a chapter in as many books as possible. His first book, “Play for the person next to you,” launched in September 2019. You can find Erik on the Hatching Leaders podcast if you’re looking to raise your leadership lid and capacity!

Why does Erik Hatch do what he does? Because he wants to change the world, one person at a time and he’s crazy enough to believe he can.