Eva Albright

Realtor® • Inside Sales Agent

ND Lic # 10439 • MN Lic # 40685275



Eva grew up in Wyoming, just outside of Yellowstone. After her family moved to North Dakota, she returned to spend summers with her aunt and uncle in Wyoming riding horses and working outdoors. Eva attended MSUM (Moorhead) and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health.

Eva has two intelligent and creative kids; Matthew and Karmella. Karmella is competitive, witty and insightful and Matthew is full of kindness, compassion, and curiosity. Their home is about trust, laughter, and being a place of emotional safety. They have 2 dogs, Carter and Shiba, who are inseparable and complete the family.

In her spare time Eva enjoys exercising because it is always forcing her to face her limits and keep pushing. She also enjoys educating herself and date nights with her husband.

For Eva, each day is about being better than she was yesterday – professionally and personally. She knows that life is a journey and she is on a path of discovery and growth. As an ISA, she is driven to be a bridge and a gateway for people who want to own their own home. Home ownership can be a symbol of independence, accomplishment, and stability. She wants to help people find that.

Eva’s tip is to add cream of tartar to gluten free baked goods to make them rise more like gluten containing items. It also improves the finished texture.