Heidi Hansen


ND Lic # 9814 • MN Lic # 40554918


Heidi grew up in Grand Forks, ND, and stayed until she was in her twenties and then moved across the country to Portland, OR, to pursue a culinary degree. After obtaining her degree she worked at various restaurants in Portland over the course of 5 years and eventually moved to Seattle. She stayed there for close to 2 years, cooking and bartending, until she moved back to North Dakota in 2014. She’s also attended UND, Dickinson State University, and NDSU over the years, pursuing a geology degree because she LOVES science. Heidi received her real estate license in 2017 and has been working in this field ever since. 

Heidi has 2 beautiful children, Harrison and Julien. In her free time Heidi loves to garden. She has made several raised gardens over the years and likes to grow her own vegetables which she cans in the fall. She also has close to 30 houseplants! 

Heidi also loves to cook. She loves to feed people and enjoys making food from all the vegetables she harvests out of her garden. She spends a lot of time in the fall canning salsas, pickles, and jam to sell throughout the year and to give away as gifts. She usually cans over 100 jars of pickles each year! Another thing Heidi likes to do is to spend time at their lot on Lake Lida with family and friends.

Heidi’s WHY is her kids. She says, “It’s hard to believe I lived without them in the past. Having kids has taught me to be selfless, have patience and to love deeper than I ever imagined. I don’t want them to struggle or miss out on opportunities I didn’t have as a kid. I want them to see that I am always trying to improve myself and strive to find purpose in everything I do. Watching them grow and seeing their personalities develop is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced in life thus far. Raising children is hard, but nothing compares to the feeling I get when I hold them in my arms. I hope that feeling stays with me no matter how big they get.”

Heidi’s tip is: “The city of Fargo gives away 1 free cubic yard of compost or wood chips to each residence twice a year. They also sell it for ‘dirt’ cheap most of the year if you miss the giveaways, and usually give you much more than a cubic yard. I used the compost to fill our raised gardens with great results when mixed with topsoil and manure. I also know people that have used it for landscaping. It’s a great excuse to reach out to your past buyers/sellers or post on social media around spring when people are usually getting their yards/gardens ready for summer.”