Jessica Cristol

Jess grew up on Ottertail Lake and went to school (K-12) in Battle Lake. She went to university at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) and has a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies. Her intent was to be a history teacher but instead worked for 10 years at a digital mapping company as a technical trainer and Trainer Team Lead for people in the US, Mexico and India (this allowed for a lot of fun traveling!). She then worked for a large implement dealership as a technical trainer/e-learning training specialist. 

She was originally hired here at Hatch as Erik’s assistant. She had previously worked with him 20+ years previous at Paradiso (they were hostesses with the mostesses!). When she saw he was hiring a Personal Assistant, she went for it and here she is, years later, as our Transactions Manager! 

Jess has a wonderful husband, Olivier, whom she met while traveling for her previous job. He is from France and moved all the way to snowy Fargo from the beautiful south of France to be with her – must be love! They have two lovely children, Elodie and Julie, and two cats, Arthur and Alfred. Food is her love language which means that she enjoys a good meal, cooking and grocery shopping to do both of those things.

Her “WHY” is… “My children are the most important thing in my life and I strive every day to set a good example for them. To be kind, generous, gentle and trustworthy are just some of the values I want my children to have. I also want them to see that hard work, dedication and generosity will help us grow and bring joy to our lives.”

Jessica’s Tip: When making your grocery list, write it in the order of which you walk around the store. This saves time and, ultimately, saves money!