Justin Breaux

Justin is from the “Crescent City” which is best known as NOLA. In New Orleans life is about family and culture. Now, instead of bleeding black and gold, he bleeds green and gold and proudly calls Fargo home. He studied Software Engineering at SMCC in Summit, MS but feels that his education came from learning and finding the right mentors. Prior to working at Hatch, Justin spent some time as an ISA for Microsoft. At one point, he was given the opportunity to work with some real estate agents using technology and, after seeing their work ethic and commitment to clients, he has been drawn to the industry. After his time at Microsoft, he chose to see his chance at redirection in his career and, lucky for us, that meant joining the Hatch team.

He has been married to his wife, Juliebeth, for 7 years and boasts that she is “the most supportive spouse ever.” They both love to travel and their plan is to visit all 50 states before they retire. He has a dog named Gucci – half pinscher and half corgi – who is also the love of his life. 

His “WHY” is to challenge himself each day to try something beyond his comfort zone and build and sustain rewarding friendships. He also wants to support his family and provide them with every opportunity to thrive and live life to the fullest.

Justin’s Tip: “One thing my mother told me was to travel the world. She told me that traveling will take me out of my comfort zone and inspire me to see, taste and try new things. […] it will help me engage with different people and cultures. She told me it will help me embrace adventures as they come and share them with people I love and cherish. So take that advice –  travel and see the world that God has created for us.