Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Realtor® • Showing Partner



Justin grew up in the small town of Sidney, Montana and moved to Bozeman to attend college at Montana State University. During his time at MSU he was a member of the Leadership Fellow’s Board of Directors where he assisted in creating the Leadership Certificate Program. 

Justin has always been close to his family and they have made countless memories together over the years. Whether it’s sharing a warm summer day at the lake or a snowy winter night playing board games, the time they spend together is always exciting and memorable. 

Justin has been a hobby guy his whole life. A few of his most consistent and favorite hobbies are friendly, yet competitive, board game nights, staying involved in outdoor activities, and upholding the long-lost art of falconry. 

Justin’s WHY is to develop genuine relationships and provide value during meaningful moments to foster a positive experience for all. Before joining Hatch Realty, he worked with a funeral home for six years to guide and support families through their important life milestones. Justin is excited to now be serving the community with all of their real estate needs! 

A fun fact he learned through falconry is most bird brains can process visual information up to twice the speed of humans. So, when a falcon or hawk focuses on a target, they can technically slow down time and react twice as fast relative to what we as humans can perceive. It’s a fun reminder that we all see life through a different lens.