Kyle Reedstrom

Kyle Reedstrom

Realtor®/Elite Agent


Kyle is a South Dakota native originating from the small town of Milbank. After High School, Kyle moved north to Fargo to pursue his engineering degree at NDSU. Once completed, Kyle began his professional career at KLJ with their municipal, and later, structural engineering team where he got to put his schooling into practice.

During the next 2 years as Kyle’s passions and ambitions started to outgrow his engineering office, he started to gain an eye for real estate, specifically real estate investing. In June of 2014 (just a year after graduation) Kyle started his own real estate company with the purchase of two fourplex rental properties near downtown Fargo. This business further fueled his growing passion for the real estate industry, and eventually led to a departure from his engineering career with KLJ to pursue real estate full-time as a member of Hatch Realty in 2015. Since then Kyle has continued to grow as Hatch grows and now leads the Elite Agent department helping buyers find houses, sellers sell houses, and also feeding his true passion with a sister company called Midwest Invest Realty Group that focused on helping investors learn the ropes and also acquire income producing property.

A true extrovert- the most important thing in Kyle’s life is people and interaction, his favorites being his wife Hayleigh, and his fur-babies (two golden retrievers Piper & Gracie). His favorite place to be is his home on 4 acres just west of town or back at Pickerel Lake, SD. Both being places where he is able to relax, have fun, and a place he loves to share with anyone. To scratch his “outdoorsy” itch, Kyle loves to hunt, hike, and adventure with his family and friends, usually spending 3-4 weeks a year in Montana.

At Hatch Realty, all of Kyle’s strengths and passions combine. As Kyle puts it: “Hatch has been a lifestyle for me. My work and life are beautifully mixed together 7 days a week with productivity, fun, relaxation, great relationships and more productivity! I’ve been fortunate to be in an environment that has brought out my greatest strengths and utilized them at their max capacity. I know with the people here I can be the best version of myself for our team and our clients, and that’s what drives me every hour of every week.”