Lindsey Sauer

Photographer • Marketing


Lindsey grew up on a small dairy farm near Miltona, MN. She grew up with 3 siblings and surrounded herself with sports, friends, and family. In 2012 she graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. While in school, she spent a lot of time volunteering, finding joy in any opportunity to serve others.

After college, Lindsey worked in customer service for over 8 years and truly loved being able to spend her time assisting people in any way that she could. Lindsey joined Hatch in August of 2014, and she has been a joyful spark in the Hatch family ever since. Her eye for art and creativity is shown through her photographer position – so much so that she has now started her own photography business!

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys being active and playing with her dogs, Luna and Sol. She also enjoys having movie nights with her husband.

Lindsey is deeply compassionate towards others and her desire to serve is what motivates her to do her best in everything that she does. As Lindsey puts it, “Knowing I can help people in one of the biggest times of their lives is a beautiful feeling. Helping others gives me such a feeling of satisfaction in my own life!”

Lindsey’s Tip:

When photographing at night, whether you’re using a professional camera or your cell phone, you need to hold the camera as still as possible to avoid a blurry photo. Using a tripod is the best option.