Paige Myers

Paige Myers


ND Lic # 10619 • MN Lic # 40718220


[email protected]

Paige grew up in the small town of Borup, MN on her family farm where she still enjoys to spend most of her time. Growing up she felt lucky to have both sets of grandparents less than 1 mile away on each side of her house so there was never any shortage of family time.

After high school Paige went to the University of North Dakota and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design Technology with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Paige is the youngest of 3 and also the family favorite. She is an aunt to two great nephews and added another brother (as a brother-in-law) in 2020. She is also a dog mom to her sweet German Shepherd. Her dad has been farming for over 25 years and her mom works for the USDA Farm Service Agency. With both parents working in the farming industry it’s no wonder she loves the rural/farming atmosphere she grew up in.

In her free time Paige enjoys hunting in the winter and fishing in the summer (and winter)! She loves spending time at her parents home on the farm. She also loves to play around with Adobe Suite apps such as Indesign and Photoshop so she can hone in on her design skills.

“My biggest accomplishment at this point in my life is taking this step for myself, leaving a comfortable job with a steady paycheck for something that is obviously more uncertain feels more than worth it to me. Before I was born my dad did relatively the same thing and he quit his job to become a farmer, pretty much starting from scratch with three young kids and although we did have struggles we were so blessed to have him take that risk. I got to grow up watching him work so hard physically to give us a good life and now I get to watch him and my mom enjoy that life together as they are looking to buy a lake home to retire to. When I was growing up there were certain times of each year during planting and harvest where my dad would get home at almost midnight and he’d be up and back out in the field long before we left for school. Even Though I didn’t get to see him during those times, I know exactly how hard he was working and as a result of that when he was not so busy we got to enjoy the things we loved as a family such as ice fishing in the winter. This is a big reason why I chose to take this opportunity to pursue this type of life for myself and my future family.”

Paige’s tip is to always find the fun and goofy side of people. You never know what someone else is going through and you never know what they have gone through to get to where they are now but you can always find the fun.