Thaddaeus Owen

Thaddaeus Owen


ND Lic # 10400 • MN Lic # 40673933


[email protected]

Thaddaeus was born in Fort Myers, Florida, but moved to the small town of Gackle, ND at the age of 3 years. Here, he grew up and graduated with a class of 12 students. After graduation Thaddaeus moved to Fargo in 2012 where he attended NDSU, studying and receiving bachelor degrees in Physical Education and Health Education.

Thaddaeus is from a larger family of 8; his parents, three biological siblings, and two adopted siblings. He is the second oldest of all the siblings. He has one older brother in Madison, WI; younger sister here in Fargo; younger brother living in Gackle; youngest brother, adopted, living in Gackle; youngest sister, adopted, currently in high school in Gackle.

Being physically active is important to Thaddaeus. His favorite activity to do is Spikeball because it’s fun and competitive, but can also be played casually. He also really enjoys being outdoors. Hiking and backpacking are a very life giving and restful time for him, while playing card games or board games with friends are another fun way to relax.

Thaddaeus’ “why” can be summarized into 2 things; love God and love people. “My why is driven by my faith. ‘So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ 1 Corinthians 10:31. No matter where I am, I want to live by this.” Along with faith, Thaddaeus is driven by wanting to be a light or caring hand to those around him. “For me personally and for my family, we have faced many challenges and gone through hard seasons of life. The care and encouragement of those around us/me are what helped us get through those tough seasons. Everyone will have something challenging that they have or will have to walk through, big or small, and I want to continue to pass on care to others; whether through an encouraging word, listening, or helping with a physical need.”

One insight/tip I would share is to drive the speed limit. Why? Because it forces us to slow down. We tend to always be in a hurry in life. We leave our houses at the last possible minute and then have to speed and then get angry when we get stuck behind “slow drivers”, annoyed when the light turns red, and anxious when we pass a cop. Driving the speed limit removes many of these little stressors on our drive and sets us up for a more positive attitude throughout the day. You may have to leave a few minutes earlier on your drive each day to allow you to do this. Turn up your favorite song or podcast and enjoy the ride!