Tyler Lindell

Realtor® • Team Lead

ND Lic # 9489 • MN Lic # 40489820


[email protected]

Tyler Lindell grew up in Grafton, ND, 2 hours north of Fargo. After high school, he attended AFLBS (Association Free Lutheran Bible School), a small bible school in the twin cities. There he received his two-year degree in Biblical Studies. After AFLBS, Tyler went on to North Dakota State University and received a double major in Elementary Education and Human Development and Family Science.

Tyler is married to his beautiful wife Kylie. They have 2 dogs who are a bundle of joy to have!

Tyler loves Fargo and all it has to offer when he’s not working. With a passion for hockey, Tyler enjoys pIaying any chance he gets. “Inside or outside does not matter to me!” He likes to go on runs with his dog around the Fargo area, and appreciates all the paths that the city has created. Tyler and his wife are avid visitors to the downtown scene and take advantage of all the opportunities it provides to grow in communication and friendship building.

Tyler’s Why in Life is to see others succeed around him. “I have a friend who was on the fence about starting a clothing brand and found joy in seeing him succeed in life. Working at Hatch Realty has given me the opportunity to see other people grow professionally, but even more personally. I have crossed paths with many individuals with gifts that even they couldn’t see. My goal is to push them to get comfortable by being uncomfortable with their life changes!”