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Selling Your Home? We’ve Got Options!

The Hatch Realty Team takes pride in helping you get the most out of the selling process and that is why we offer you different options to best suit your needs. Weather you are looking to do a traditional sale, upgrade before you sell, or participate in our SNAP program; we have you covered!

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Listing and Selling Homes with Hatch Reality in Bismarck and Grand Forks

Two of the challenges many people face when selling a home in Grand Forks, Bismarck, or Fargo, are the cost and time factors involved in the traditional home sales process. At Hatch Realty, we provide several options for our clients to sell residential property in Fargo in a way that works for their needs and timeframe. When you are interested in selling your home fast in Grand Forks or Fargo, we provide a SNAP offer, which can close within 90 days. Hatch Realty also provides traditional sales and up to 10K for upgrades to help in selling your home fast in Fargo, Grand Forks, or the Bismarck area.

Different Sales Options to Suit Your Needs


Traditional Sale

The Hatch Realty Team has extensive experience in listing and selling homes and wants to help you sell yours! We can help you navigate the entire sales process from start to finish and get you the most money for your home.

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10K For Upgrades

Hatch Realty will loan you up to $10,000 interest free to improve YOUR home! Making the right improvements may fill your pockets with cash and minimize the time it takes to sell your property. Use up to $10k from Hatch Realty as a way to get top dollar while keeping the hassle to a minimum!

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SNAP Offer

Remove the questions and uncertainty in selling your home with Hatch Realty’s Snap Offer. Avoid the hassle of preparing your home for sale, setting up showings and waiting for your home to sell.

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