by | May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

Thinking about selling your home? Have I got the article for you!
In all seriousness, this market is incredibly competitive and you’ll want your home to look its BEST to stand out above the crowd on showing day.
In this article is a real estate photographers perspective on making your home look irresistible to potential buyers.

I’ve photographed HUNDREDS of homes, some immaculate and some… let’s just say, ‘not photo ready’. So many sellers have asked what they can do to market their home to its fullest potential. So, here’s my simple guide to making your home photo ready! Follow these steps to show off your space in a way that makes buyers imagine their life in your home. Here we go!

1. Declutter, or as I Like to Call it, “Pre-Packing”

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It’s time to get rid of that extra, useless “stuff” cluttering your house! Pre-pack items that you don’t want on display while your house is being shown. Put them in boxes, so they’re ready for moving day.

It’s wise to label your boxes and store them NEATLY in the garage or basement. Remember, potential buyers look in garages and basements, so it’s important to keep your storage areas neat. Throwing junk in closets an hour before a showing can backfire on you – people open cupboards and closets when viewing your home.

2. Less is More

Buyers need to see the SPACE of the home and be able to picture themselves living there. Having your personal photos staring back at them makes that impossible. Take down extra personalized decor and all family photos.

I like to use the “50% Rule” when sellers ask how much decor to keep out. If your mantle has 10 nik naks on it, take away 5. If a bookshelf has 20 books on it, take away 10. Buyers want to see that there is plenty of space and storage.

3. Complete Small Fixes

This part, while sometimes annoying, is one of the most important steps in preparing your home to sell. Repair or replace all small items that may be broken. Make sure the garbage disposal works as well as the doorbell. Be sure all your doors, drawers and windows can easily be opened. 

Fill nail holes in walls and make SURE to match the paint to the original wall color – you want the space looking finished and clean. If an entire room needs painting, keep in mind that neutral colors make it easier to imagine all types of lifestyles in the home. However, an accent wall can give a home a ‘pop’ of color or texture that it may need.

4. Clean!

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This one is kind of a no-brainer, but SO necessary. Clean that house from top to bottom. This means dusting ceiling fans and window blinds, scrubbing floors and bathrooms, wiping down walls and light switches, door knobs, moldings and baseboards. Every surface of your home needs attention. You’d be surprised how many dirty walls and light switches I’ve seen from homeowners turning on and off lights – grab a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and scrub away, my friends!

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5. Mind the Mess

Review your entire home before a showing – what needs to be organized? Make sure your kitchen sink is clean and empty, no dirty clothes in the laundry room, put the toilet lid down (important). Take everything off your kitchen counter except small appliances or a bowl of fruit – people love to see lots of empty counter space. Empty ALL trash cans (or hide them). The bathroom needs clean (minimal) towels. If you’re proud of your flooring, get rid of the rugs! All children’s toys should be put away on shelves or in baskets. Hide excessive animal toys and any litter boxes. It sounds obvious to hide litter boxes, but some people don’t think of it, so here’s your reminder! As a photographer, there is nothing worse than a litter box and all of its “friends” on the floor being showcased. Some people say they won’t buy said house if they see a cat lives there (my husband is one of those people). The competition probably isn’t putting their cat box away, this will give you a leg up!

6. Make it Welcoming

First impressions are important! Open all of the curtains and blinds to bring in as much natural light as possible (this is also HUGE for picture day). Strong smells are a ‘no no’. Buyers will think you’re trying to cover a smell and they won’t be able to concentrate on the home itself. If you do prefer a scent of some kind, use a LIGHTLY scented wall plug or potpourri and make sure it’s a fresh, clean scent.

You may want to set the dining table for meals as this is a nice way to create a welcoming mood.

7. Curb Appeal

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Don’t forget to give the outside some attention! It’s smart to remember that the outside of the home is the very first thing potential buyers see. Having landscaping cleaned up with flowers goes a long way. Having a nice wreath and doormat outside the door gives a warm, welcoming feeling. Don’t doubt the little touches!

In Summary: Being organized, pre-packing and considering the details are KEY to ensuring anyone entering your home feels like they BELONG and can picture themselves living there. It takes some work, but is so worth it. Take it one step at a time and soon your home will feel move-in ready for the perfect buyer!

If you’ve enjoyed these tips, our agents at Hatch Realty know even MORE on how to get the best deal on both buying and selling your home.
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